2019-11-22 ROC法官下令TCG的林梓安(Julian Lin)每日到警察局報到 實行異常懲罰性的保釋限制

Republic of China judge ordered Julian Lin of Taiwan Civil Government to report daily to police station in unusually punitive bail restriction

作者:Michael Richardson        翻譯:Alven Chen陳粹玟       2019年11月22日

Julian Lin reporting in for her daily appearance at a police station in the Republic of China in-exile’s most restrictive bail order. Lin is accompanied by blogger Michael Richardson and Mary Loan. (credit: Taiwan Civil Government)

林梓安(Julian Lin)每天都在流亡的中華民國最嚴格的保釋令下向警察局報到。林梓安由部落客作者邁克爾·理查森(Michael Richardson)和瑪麗·洛恩(Mary Loan)陪同。(提供者:台灣民政府)

The recent death of Roger Lin, founder of Taiwan Civil Government, leaves his widow, Julian, as the main target of Republic of China in-exile prosecutors in one of the world’s most unusual criminal prosecutions. The Lins were charged with cheating their own group members with false claims about the TCG identity card and support from the United States. The couple were arrested in a highly publicized police raid on May 10, 2018, and held incommunicado, without bail, for nearly five months. Bail was granted only after TCG bought a full page advertisement in the New York Times complaining about the human rights violation of no bond.

台灣民政府創始人羅傑·林( Roger Lin)最近去逝,讓他的遺孀林梓安(Julian)成為流亡中華民國檢察官的主要目標,這是世界上最不尋常的刑事訴訟之一。林家被指控關於TCG身份證的虛假聲明和來自美國的支持,欺騙自己的團體成員。這對夫婦於2018年5月10日在一次高度公開的警方突襲中被捕,並被單獨監禁,不得保釋,近五個月。直到TCG在《紐約時報》上買了一整版廣告,抱怨侵犯人權不能保釋,之後才獲准保釋。

In addition to steep bail, which loyal group members raised, the Lins were ordered to report to a police station every day at 7 p.m. Roger’s failing health from advanced cancer led to a relaxation of his daily sign-in but Julian was still required to appear daily at the police station. On my most recent fact-finding trip to Taiwan I asked Julian if I could accompany her inside the police station. She agreed and I made two successive sign-in visits after which prosecutors suddenly dropped the daily requirement to three times a week. The prosecutors gave no reason for the reduction.


Taiwan Civil Government has been waging a decade long war with the exiled Republic of China. TCG seeks expulsion from Taiwan of the Chinese government. TCG seeks United States assistance to rid Taiwan of the ROC which has ruled the island since the end of World War II when the occupation regime was imposed by the American military. The group’s inroads in Washington with the Trump White House have been closely monitored by ROC operatives. The May 2018 raid which led to the fraud arrests of the Lins and others followed by days a public announcement of a meeting between a TCG delegation and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. The arrests scuttled the high level Washington get-together.

台灣民政府與流亡的中華民國已進行了長達十年之久的戰爭。TCG尋求將中國政府驅逐出台灣。TCG尋求美國的援助,使台灣擺脫自第二次世界大戰結束,一直統治台灣的中華民國,當時佔領政權是由美國軍方強制實行的。該組織在華府與特朗普白宮的進展一直受到中華民國特工的密切監視。2018年5月的突襲行動導致了林氏夫婦和其他人的詐欺性逮捕,幾天後,TCG代表團和商務部長威爾伯·羅斯(Wilbur Ross)將舉行一個公開宣告會議。逮捕行動使華府高層集會陷入僵局。

Prosecutors and police have been busy harassing and hounding individual TCG members, including some the prosecution has identified as victims. Prosecution interrogations were claimed to be about protecting group members from being cheated. Instead, so-called victims were threatened and lied to during interrogations. Police surveillance teams video TCG parades focusing on facial identification.


Julian Lin holds no official position with TCG but is viewed as a First Lady by group members. Julian did join her husband in suing the ROC in federal court over the 1947 Nationality Acts, Roger& Julian Lin vs. Republic of China & United States, seeking to restore Japanese citizenship to Taiwanese. Lin has been questioned about the litigation during the ongoing and protracted fraud trial. The case was ultimately dismissed for being brought decades too late.


Julian is a single parent with two young children to care for and has had to juggle her daily responsibilities with the burden of the daily visits to the police station. The ROC has her travel documents, imposed a high bail, and confiscated her personal cash reducing any flight risk leaving the onerous sign-in requirement a punitive burden in what is increasingly looking like a political prosecution.