2013-08-18 台灣戰爭史回顧(138)

只有美國才能解釋台灣問題(U.S. Only)。A. Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Eric Stein of the Office of United Nations Political and Security Affairs Washington, November 16, 1950。美國埃里克斯坦先生的辦公室聯合國政治和安全事務備忘錄會話華盛頓,1950年11月16號 

..., we could state frankly several basic principles which we would consider as appropriate framework for a plan for the solution of the Formosa question. These principles are: ...,我們可以坦白幾個基本原則,我們會考慮在適當的框架計劃,為解決台灣的問題。這些原則是:
1. The United States as a principal victor of the war in the Pacific and as the sole occupying power of Japan has great responsibility in the disposition of Formosa. 1。美國作為太平洋戰爭和佔領日本的唯一主要戰勝者,對處分日本的福爾摩沙應負有很大責任。

B. Memorandum by Mr. Robert A. Fearey of the Office of Northeast Asian Affairs Washington, March 19, 1951
B. 美國東北亞事務局羅伯特A. Fearey備忘錄。華盛頓,1951年3月19日

1. Senator Smith noted that Article 3 left the disposition of Formosa undetermined. Ambassador Dulles said that provision for the disposition of Formosa by decision of the General Assembly if the Far Eastern Big Four failed to reach agreement had been made in the United States seven-point statement of principles but that idea had since been abandoned. 1。參議員史密斯指出,第3條將福爾摩沙置於未定地位。杜勒斯大使表示,福爾摩沙處置將由大會決定,如果遠東問題四大國未能達成美國七點聲明原則協議,那麼這一想法將被放棄。

He recalled that the United States had secured the postponement of the question of Formosa during the General Assembly because there appeared to be a real possibility that the Assembly would recommend turning the island over to the Chinese Communists.

This still seemed a likely possibility if the Assembly were given jurisdiction over the problem and it had accordingly been thought advisable to leave the status of Formosa undecided. 這似乎是依然有可能的,如果大會給予管轄權的問題,因此,它被認為最好狀態是讓台灣地位未定。

2. United Nations Jurisdiction 2。聯合國管轄

Senator Hickenlooper inquired whether the United Nations would have any jurisdiction over the treaty, and whether there was any way in which the United Nations or a member thereof could take us to task for anything we might include in the treaty.

Ambassador Dulles referred to Article 107 of the Charter, and said that were the Assembly to consider that any provision of the treaty might tend to impair peace and security it would be empowered to discuss it, but that otherwise the United Nations would have no jurisdiction over the treaty. The United Nations would come in only if the treaty brought it in, as in the case of the former Italian colonies under the Italian Treaty. 杜勒斯大使提到憲章第107條,並表示是大會認為,該條約的任何規定可能會導致損害和平與安全將是有權討論,但在聯合國,否則就沒有管轄權該條約。聯合國將進來,如果該條約只把它在,如在案件的前意大利殖民地根據意大利條約。

C. For Reference and Comparison C.對於參考和比較

1. Annex XI of the Peace Treaty with Italy, February 10, 1947 Item 3.
1。附件十一和平條約與意大利,1947年2月10日項目 3

If with respect to any of these territories the Four Powers are unable to agree upon their disposal within one year from the coming into force of the Treaty of Peace with Italy, the matter shall be referred to the General Assembly of the United Nations for a recommendation, and the Four Powers agree to accept the recommendation and to take appropriate measures for giving effect to it. 如果就這些領土的任何四權不能同意出售後,其在未來一年該條約生效的和平與意大利,此事應提交大會的聯合國建議,四國同意接受這項建議,並採取適當措施,使之生效。

2. Draft of the Peace Treaty with Japan, September 11, 1950
Chapter 4 Territory Item 5 2。草案與日本和平條約,50年9月11日 領土第四章 項目 5

Japan accepts whatever decision may hereafter be agreed upon by the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, and the United States with reference to the future status of Formosa, the Pescadores, Sakhalin south of 500 north latitude and the Kurile Islands.
日本接受任何決定,今後可能商定由美國,英國,蘇聯,中國和美國參考未來地位的台灣,澎湖群島,南庫頁島北緯 500和千島群島。

In the event of failure in any case to agree within one year from the effective date of this treaty, the parties to this Treaty will seek and accept the recommendation of the United Nations General Assembly.

D. 1. Charter of the United Nations, Article 107
Nothing in the present Charter shall invalidate or preclude action, in relation to any state which during the Second World War has been an enemy of any signatory to the present Charter, taken or authorized as a result of that war by the Governments having responsibility for such action.
D.1. 憲章聯合國,第107條

2. 依聯合國憲章Article 107,聯合國對於舊金山和平條約之規定是無緣置喙,因此,台灣最終地位之決定和聯合國完全無關連。道理很簡單,征服日本的國家唯一是美國,非聯合國,「征服者」才會有「權利、責任以及能力」來解決台灣所有問題。

E. 事實證明,在舊金山和平條約Article 2(b)架構內,美國有佔領權之尖閣諸島及Article 3架構內,聯合國委由美國託管之琉球列島,是依美國「單獨」之決定,歸還日本。依法理推論,台灣最終地位是在萬國公法架構內,由美國和日本協商決定,無涉聯合國。


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